The APC CORPORATE SECURITY merger and Corporate name change to INVESTICORP, INC. and the subsequent formation of DAVID ROSE INTERNATIONAL, INC., also served to bolster our already well respected Consulting Division. In addition to performing countless surveys, we have proudly served as the Corporate Director of Security, Safety and Risk Management and/or Chief of Security as consultants not as employees, for more than 25 Automobile/Truck and Bus Dealers, Government Agencies, more than 100 Retail Stores, a host of Jewelry Manufacturers, Liquor and Beer Distributors and Garment Center Firms, through our Model Outsourcing Plan.

Our clients save in the areas of recruitment, insurance, payroll taxes, benefits and fringes, in addition to having some of the most highly professional personnel in their specific industry.

Our Certified Fraud Examiners and Forensic Accountants are well-suited to conduct detailed Fraud Examinations, Asset Searches, Business Valuations and Audits.

Our Consulting Division also conducts Vulnerability Tests and Audits of clients’ Security and Loss Prevention Departments, as well as their ability to withstand a Cybersecurity Attack! (We encourage our clients to read this Federal Government Website:

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