Investicorp / David Rose International utilize the most sophisticated computer oriented investigative techniques available. We have a long and successful history of obtaining evidence of criminal activity and improper employee practices through forensic computer analysis.  Background Investigations are either performed on behalf of our clients; or, in conjunction with your proprietary investigators. In the case of the latter, our research data will prove more cost effective than simply buying raw data from Internet service providers. In short, we proudly develop background Investigation programs which are unique to each client’s needs.

We have access to more than 1500 separate databases and BILLIONS of public record sources; therefore, our costs are considerably less than when our clients attempt to do these investigations themselves. Our staff investigators, worldwide associates and consultants are poised to visit almost every Court and County Clerk in the areas of our investigations, to verify specific criminal and civil records.

Because of our merger and subsequent acquisition of our former competitor (APC Corporate Security, Inc. and Investicorp, Inc.),  our already well respected information division more than doubled its database capabilities. The majority of the Nation’s “Information Brokers” are not Licensed Private Investigators and their legal compliance is often questioned by privacy advocates.

Investicorp / DRI, does not sell to the general public and our information division only serves the lawful needs of Corporate Security, Licensed Private Investigators, Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, and the Law Enforcement community.

As is the case in all other areas of our organization, our Information Division is in full compliance with all Federal, State and Local laws. In short, if a client does not have a lawful right to information, it will not be provided by Investicorp, Inc./ David Rose International, Inc.