Our operatives function as regular employees, who are discreetly placed in ordinary positions within your organization, through normal hiring procedures. They fill actual positions. Remembering the old adage that, “Loose Lips Sink Ships,” only the client needs to know their true identity and purpose.

These investigators are appropriately placed to observe and report on the operations inside your company. They report the facts of existing conditions such as dishonesty, drug and alcohol abuse, operational discrepancies, sabotage, safety violations, corporate espionage, racial and sexual harassment and many other matters of client interest.

An Undercover Investigation is a valuable and cost effective tool to provide management the means of identifying those employees who drain company assets.

Undercover Investigations take time and do not get solved in an hour, as seen on TV. Normally, a client can expect a typical Undercover Investigation to last at least six months.*  When clients ask why it takes that long, we often remind them that it takes at least four or five weeks for a new employee to be fully accepted and comfortable in a new job, without the added burden of being an Undercover Investigator!

*We strongly encourage our clients to keep the investigators in place as part of the regular security budget. Most of our investigators currently on assignment have been in the same positions for more than FIVE YEARS! Our clients enjoy having constant intelligence gathering and permanent knowledge of what is happening within their businesses. It is a comfort to always be ahead of your employee’s plans and actions. 

Undercover Placements

While our complex recruitment, training and background investigation process serves to insure the most successful investigations possible, it does take more time to staff specific investigation assignments. We find that we must constantly remind our clients that we are not a “Temp” agency or a Security Guard firm. Upon receiving a request for undercover operative services, we normally require three to six weeks of lead time, in order to assure proper and effective placement of the agents.

It’s our policy not to interview employees of our customers without the customer’s knowledge and permission.

Undercover Reports and Information

We provide our clients with either monthly, or bi-monthly written reports, based upon our investigator’s verbal and written communications, as well as our daily contact and heavy supervision of the agents. Furthermore, we communicate with our clients via Telephone and Text, between reports.

We encourage the use of email. Please give us your your PERSONAL email address, so that we can place you on our internal email list. We send reports to your Personal email and strongly encourage you to only open our emails at HOME, so that your IT Staff does not become our Information Partners! For the same reason, we would rather speak with you on your Personal Cellular Telephone.

Naturally, our goal is to keep our clients well informed and apprised of the intelligence information produced by our investigators. Each client is assigned both a primary and alternate executive, who are always familiar with the facts of each investigation. Naturally, our Corporate Officers are always available for consultation and emergencies.